Corporate Services

Company Set Up

There are several methods by which a foreign investor can set up their business in the Middle East. There are subtle differences to local rules and regulations surrounding each entity.

Corporate Advisory & Support Services

Acting as your corporate partner, PRO Partner Group has a successful track record of providing foreign companies with a secure, transparent and long-term local partnership, assisting companies and individual investors in setting up and conducting their businesses in the correct way here in the region. PRO Partner Group helps clients of all sizes and sector groups. We sit in the background and ensure your company complies with company and commercial laws as well as all labour laws in the region.

Visas & Licensing

We provide expedient, reliable and cost-effective services for large corporations and SMEs, making us one of the choice PRO companies in the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Through years of local industry experience, we have built enduring relationships with key government bodies, allowing us to offer our clients a seamless and efficient process for all their company and visa requirements.

Compliance Services

For companies operating in the Middle East, corporate compliance is necessary as an integral part of business operation, across all industries and sectors. This takes place in the form of companies and its employees adhering to policies, practices, laws, regulation and standards that are applicable to the industry and sector in which they operate.

How can we help you?

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