Business Management


ESNAD is the recognized leader in the business management services niche segment. We have a legacy of providing creative, cost-effective, technology-driven solutions to help businesses achieve constant growth and profitability. We are powered by experienced and driven business management professionals that cater to administrative, accounting and statutory work with trademark professionalism. We stay abreast of technological breakthroughs and integrate the most relevant ones to increase efficiency, improve service standards, and restrict overheads.

cost-effectiveness and value

We have a reputation for customer centricity, which is evident in our personalized and cost-effective business process management services. For each client, we deploy a dedicated team that handles all business processes from start to finish. As such, the client is freed from unnecessary hassles to focus more on developing business lines and stay competitive. Our small business managed services can also scale to the corporations as well, making us a preferred business consultancy.

Business Management

Corporate Profiling and Project Feasibility Studies
Franchising and Management Strategic Planning
Corporate Restructuring & Management, Brand Development
Investment Advice
Growth strategies, Planning and Development
Market research and Development
Business Planning and Management
Business Process Re-Engineering
Accounting, Financial Planning and Related Services
IT Management solutions Internet and Social Media Marketing Management
HRM Software Management
Customer Relationship Management

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